Conflict is a fact of life and exists in various forms at home, school or workplace. Bullying, in particular, is a problem which can occur anywhere, but most often talked about in respect to schools. Ignoring bullying does not always help; minimising its occurrence or resolving them effectively, fosters a child's academic and personal development. Converge is very experienced in handling conflict situations between school children, school children and teachers, and school and parents. Where necessary or relevant, we can involve parents or guardians (including other relevant third party) to deal with any give situation. We are also called in to intervene in staff workplace incidents or disputes.

Our conflict resolution service also tracks each child's progress in managing peer conflict and overcoming bullying. This is done via 1:2:1 or group mentoring sessions (together with our CRST) to ensure that such incidents are minimised or in some cases, avoided.

Whatever your designation, mainstream or SEN, we can assist your pupils and staff minimise conflict in order to achieve academic excellence. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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