Family Mediation

If you are finding that your relationship is under strain and you have decided that you need to seek independent professional help, family mediation can reduce hostility between you and your partner, protect the interests of any children and prove to be a very cost-effective method of resolving your dispute.

Family mediation involves meeting each other in a safe and neutral environment in the presence of a mediator. The mediator will facilitate the exchange of information between you with the aim of achieving mutually acceptable practical and/or financial decisions. Unlike a court hearing, the parties meet in a private, less formal environment and are in control of the decisions that are reached.

Converge has also assisted many families resolve difficulties among themselves. These can be inter-generational, such as parent and child, or between siblings, cousins and so on. The emotional currents are often very complex and can be extremely traumatic for those involved. Mediation meetings allow the safe expression of these feelings so that parties are able to mend their relationships.

We receive referrals from individuals or organisations such as Victim Support.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

Because of the recent changes in family law, it is now important to consider mediation before going to court. We can offer Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) where we will assist you explore whether mediation is suitable for you. Essentially, this is a meeting to provide information about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution such as collaborative law and negotiations between solicitors without Court proceedings.

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